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About Us

about us

Water has healing powers. Whether still or moving, it has the ability to relax and revitalize.

At Jason®, we have channeled that healing energy into each hydrotherapy bath to promote healthy living through hydrotherapy. From simple relaxation to improved circulation to deep, soothing therapy for tired, aching muscles, hydrotherapy bathing offers so many helpful benefits.

Born from the family that introduced its home hydrotherapy bathing products in the 1950s, Jason® Hydrotherapy continues to take the bathing experience to higher levels ranging from a deep satisfying soak to a full air-whirlpool hydro-massage. Bathing in a Jason® Hydrotherapy bath enhances your body’s natural healing processes to restore the mind and body.

Jason® Hydrotherapy's founder, Remo Jacuzzi, began working in the Jacuzzi family business while still in college. He founded Jason® Hydrotherapy in 1982, several years after the Jacuzzi family sold their business—and the name—to a large corporate conglomerate.

Jason® Hydrotherapy offers a complete line of Luxury-Class™ Whirlpool, AirMasseur®, Soaking, MicroSilk® and Combination Baths. With simple elegance and sophisticated engineering, Jason sets the standard for innovative bathroom design. All Jason® Hydrotherapy products incorporate the company’s proprietary Quiet Design™ Engineering and Sani-Design™ Technology.

With its proprietary manufacturing system, Jason® is able to customize products while streamlining the manufacturing process. Made in the U.S.A., Jason® products are 100 percent tested to meet or exceed all industry manufacturing standards in addition to our own exacting quality standards. Jason® is committed to delivering products quickly and efficiently to anywhere in the United States and internationally.

Since 1982, Jason's engineering and design professionals have been committed to creating beautiful, innovative hydrotherapy products to promote wellness, stress relief and healthy living.

And because we understand that bathing needs differ with each individual, we are committed to giving you choices. These choices, along with thoughtful detail, meticulous craftsmanship and engineering excellence, have made Jason® Hydrotherapy a favorite among discerning individuals committed to a healthy lifestyle.

SOUND IMMERSION Surround yourself in music as the bath shell becomes a speaker. MicroSilk® Introducing a revolutionary new type of hydrotherapy. Pure Comfort Experience a bath that is created to fit your body.
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