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Architectural Specifications Guide

Hospitality and Commercial Projects

This Architectural Guide is designed as a tool for the Architect and Designer specifying Jason’s whirlpool, AirMasseur®, air-whirlpool, soaking baths and shower bases for commercial applications. More detailed information and product specifications can be found in the Commercial Projects portion of the Jason website.

Jason manufacturers over 100 different whirlpool, AirMasseur® and combination air-whirlpool models.

WHIRLPOOL baths are constructed standard with color-coordinated Perfect Pressure/Perfect Flow™ fully adjustable jets and one flow-adjustable Ultrassage™ back jet. Selected models are available with Back-Stack™ jet technology. Standard Edition models include a 1.5 hp, 1-speed pump and electronic touch control with low water level sensor and 20-minute timer. Light indicates when pump is on. Premier Edition models include all the features of a Standard Edition bath plus 3-speed pump, digital control pad, automatic 1.5kw heater, LED mood lighting. Bath controller operates bath pump and mood light and shows water temperature and time remaining.

AIRMASSEUR® baths are equipped with a special, channel-type construction of air jet holes around the lower perimeter of the bath. By surrounding your body with millions of warm air bubbles, these air jets offer a subtle, full-body hydromassage. Standard Edition models include a 1hp variable speed blower with heater and electronic control with 20 minute timer and automatic two minute purge cycle that comes on 15 minutes after the blower is turned off to assure dry air channels. Control operates blower speed for continuous or pulse massage mode. Premier Edition models include all the features of a Standard Edition bath, plus digital control. Control operates a 20-minute timer, auto-purge cycle and shows blower speed and time remaining. Also includes LED mood lighting.

MICROSILK® super saturates the water with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles, increasing oxygen levels up to 70% higher than common tap water.  This luxurious cloud of oxygen blankets your body, energizing skin cells, stimulating the immune system, killing bacteria and promoting healing, leaving your skin soft and clean in a way you’ve never experienced.

SOAKING baths are Ergospatially™ designed, conforming to each curve of your body and provide correct positioning and lumbar support during bathing. Plus, the spacious bathing wells are deep enough for optimal body coverage.

Jason Ozone Technology now guards your whirlpool bath from bacteria, viruses, etc. while leaving plumbing lines clean and fresh. This optional system starts and stops automatically in conjunction with the whirlpool pump. The ozone generator operates on a corona discharge chip with a 9,000-hour life.

Ozone kills viruses, fungus, mold and yeast spores and coliform bacteria on contact, thousands of times faster than chlorine or bromine. Ozone neutralizes PH and removes excess iron, manganese, and sulfur by a process known as micro-flocculation, thus conditioning the water naturally without chemical additives. Additionally, it removes color and odor, leaving pure healthy water, while reducing scale buildup on plumbing surfaces, mechanical equipment and bath surfaces. Ozone will not irritate, dry out or leave a chemical film on the skin. Ozone leaves no residue; its only by-product is pure oxygen.

Quiet Design™ Engineering is standard on all Jason baths. This revolutionary bath construction includes the following features which, when combined, make up our Quiet Design™ Engineering System.


LEVEL-FORM™ BASE: Absorbs vibration and noise and provides a rigid pre-leveled, full support, high density platform for ease and accuracy of installation. Prevents heat loss through subfloor and requires no mortar bed under the bath if installed on a firm level surface.

SEPARATE MOUNTING BASE: Separate mounting bases for bath and whirlpool pump and/or air blower reduced vibration and noise transmitted to bath.

AIR BLOWERS: Designed for quiet operation and can be remotely located up to 15 ft. from the bath for increased sound reduction.

WHIRLPOOL PUMPS: Standard long life, quiet design, inductive type motors for super quiet operation.

HIGH EFFICIENCY PLUMBING DESIGN: Jason jets and high efficiency plumbing combine to create a bath with very low water retention and optimized hydrotherapy. While designed for reduced hydraulic noise and minimal water retention, Jason perfect pressure-perfect flow whirlpool jets are flow and directionally adjustable.

SILENT AIR CONTROLS: Designed for continuous draw in air from the underside of the bath, eliminating noise caused by air induction.

TEXTURED BOTTOM: Many Jason tubs have textured bottoms. See individual products for details.

INTEGRAL SKIRT MODELS: Standard on selected baths for ease of installation and added stability on commercial applications


TILE FLANGE KIT OR INTEGRAL TILE FLANGE: These features are available for use with tile or marble walls and prevent water transfer.

SOUND IMMERSION:  Sound-transducing speakers provide sound from your choice of input devices such as TV, stereo, iPod® with amp, etc., through the shell of the bath.

ACRYLIC SKIRTS: Acrylic skirts match the tub in color. The removable access panel provides easy access to pumps, blowers and ozone generation systems.

ACCENT LIGHTS: Air switch or digitally controlled lights let you select one color or a whole rainbow of colors.

HEATERS: You may choose from one of two in-line heaters: a 1.5KW stainless steel and a 1KW stainless model. Both automatically maintain desired water temperature up to a maximum of 104°, and are automatic on/off Pressure and flow sensitive devices.

DRAINS AND OVERFLOWS: Cable-driven in color matching or plated metal knob & drain, and plated metal lift and turn. The same finish used for trim kits is available.

COLORS: Standard Colors for Whirlpools, AirMasseur®, Air-Whirlpool, soaking tubs, shower bases and acrylic skirts are Classic White and Bisquite. All other Lucite colors are available upon quotation.

SOAKING TUBS: Most models are available as soaking tubs that contain no jets. Deep soaking tubs are a great upgrade for suites without whirlpools or air-baths.

SHOWER BASE COLLECTION: Our shower bases are pre-leveled, base supported, have a built in tile flange and a non-slip textured bottom. They are easy to install and maintain. See the price list for the latest list of prices and shapes. Custom sizes and shapes can be designed for larger projects.

CUSTOM SIZES & SHAPES:  Can be designed for larger projects.

QUIET DESIGN Enjoy a peaceful bathing experience. MicroSilk® Introducing a revolutionary new type of hydrotherapy. The Clean Choice New Video: Discover 5 reasons Jason Baths are the cleanest.
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