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Discover the Benefits of Hydrotherapy

 The Jason Difference

What Jason Bath Owners
Are Saying:

"I love the size of my new bath. The air and water jets are amazing. I may never get out of the tub again." - P.D.

"Delighted with the Jason MicroSilk® feature." - G.J.
"I had a Jason bath in our previous home and loved it! Great customer service and quality product." - L.P.

"This was the most comfortable whirlpool bath we tried." - H.V.

"I'm tall and this is a terrific bath. I can really relax. Wonderful features!" S.W.

What Makes Jason Different From Other Baths?

Each Jason bath is the product of a proud heritage, continual innovation and an understanding of your daily cycle of living. The Jason hydrotherapy experience enhances the natural healing processes of this daily cycle. The experience makes you COMFORTABLE, engages your senses and delivers peace and QUIET while providing a CLEAN bathing environment.

Watch Jeff Cunningham explain the Jason Difference:

The Comfortable Choice by Jason The Quiet Choice by Jason The Clean Choice by Jason


Comfort: ErgoSpatial Design

We fit baths to bodies! Designed for comfort and maximum hydrotherapy benefit, Jason baths combine perfect body positioning, optimum well depth and strategic jet placement. Attention to these details is what makes a Jason bath the perfect choice.


 Designed for Comfort

Every Jason bath incorporates our Ergospatial™ Design critera to cradle your body in a position of greatest comfort. We place a “lumbar support” at the ideal height to release pressure on your lower back and slant the backrest at angles that provide maximum comfort while minimizing pressure on any particular joint.

Perfect Positioning

The proper positioning of the body is critical to receiving the maximum benefits of hydrotherapy. Jason’s Ergospatial™ Design places your body in its optimal resting or “loose-pack” position, helping you achieve full relaxation and hydrotherapy benefit.

Perfect Size, Perfect Depth, Perfect Placement

Jason baths come in a variety of lengths and widths to fit you and your space perfectly. Our spacious bathing wells are the right depth for your body to enjoy full submergence in the water. The correct depth also maintains the ease with which you can enter and exit the bath. Air and water jets are optimally placed in anatomically strategic locations within the vessel for maximum comfort and hydromassage effectiveness.

Quiet Design

Jason manufactures the quietest baths on the market. Our Quiet Design™ technology reduces and dissipates sound to ensure your peaceful bathing experience. Silent air controls, quieter jets and our thoughtfully engineered plumbing systems reduce noise. In addition, Jason pumps and air blowers are mounted separately from the bath, minimizing vibration and sound.


Our patented Level-Form™ base absorbs sound and vibration, provides rigid support across the entire floor of the bath, insulates against heat loss and simplifies installation.

Clean: Sani-Design® Technology

Our groundbreaking Sani-Design® Technology incorporates a full spectrum of purity-enhancing components.



 Automatic Ozone Sanitation System

Jason’s maintenance-free ozone antimicrobial system works automatically with MicroSilk®, AirMasseur® and Whirlpool hydrotherapies to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi.





V-DrainTM Plumbing System

This innovative whirlpool jet system incorporates anti-microbial plumbing and ensures maximum water drainage from the plumbing system after use. It prevents water from both pooling and collecting in plumbing systems.



 Positive Drain AirMasseur® Channel

Engineered to maintain a downward drain angle, lined with hydrphobic material, this system ensures maximum water drainage from the air channel after each use.



 Automatic AirMasseur® Channel Drying System

This system automatically starts after an AirMasseur®, MicroSilk®–AirMasseur® or Air-Whirlpool bath has drained, purging water and drying the air channels, eliminating moisture.


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SOUND IMMERSION Surround yourself in music as the bath shell becomes a speaker. MicroSilk® Introducing a revolutionary new type of hydrotherapy. The Comfortable Choice New Video: Find out how Jason expertly fits baths to bodies!
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