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Discover the Benefits of Hydrotherapy


Design Professionals

You’ve searched the world over for the perfect armoire. Every granite countertop manufacturer in the tri-state area knows you by name.  You can list the make and model of every towel warmer ever made.  You provide your client with the highest quality in every detail of the bathroom, and they will want the same attention given to their choice in baths. 

Jason Hydrotherapy manufactures the most luxurious bath on the market.  We know our customers and they expect more than just a tub with a few bubbles.  Jason products incorporate a wide variety of benefits providing a consumate bathing experience.  Our founder, Remo Jacuzzi, has a long over 50 years of hydrotherapy industry experience and our company has been designing state-of-the-art baths for over 25 years.

Our selection of baths is both varied and all-encompassing.   If you are looking for a broad range of shapes and sizes, our flagship Designer Collection of baths provide the largest range of styles and options in freestanding, drop-in, corner, and alcove application. If simplicity is key, you may find that our Integrity Collection meets your needs.


Most women consider the bathroom to be their personal haven, an escape from the outside world that demands their attention.  Once they are submerged and comfortable, our state-of-the-art baths give them the choice of a number of hydrotherapy solutions to soothe muscles and promote stress relief.  There are no loud blowers or motors to disturb their tranquility.  If they want a full sensory experience, our Sound Immersion System and LED chromatherapy lights are available for most of our baths. 

We invite you to bring your client to one of our showrooms and view a Jason bath first-hand.  Click here to find the showroom closest to your location.

QUIET DESIGN Enjoy a peaceful bathing experience. Pure Comfort Experience a bath that is created to fit your body. MicroSilk® for Your Skin Learn more about how MicroSilk® nourishes and hydrates skin.
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