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Bathroom Trends

A flickering fireplace. Beverage coolers. Flat screen TVs. You may not normally associate these items with the bathroom, but they are part of the hottest new trends in remodeling and design. As bathrooms change from their historically utilitarian role to a luxurious, spa-like environment, homeowners are focusing on this room above all others in their remodeling efforts. New home buyers are also making their decisions based on the quality of designs that they find in this area.

What influences these trends?
The newest bathrooms represent transitional design, a mixture of classic forms and modern details. Pieces of furniture in other areas of the house are mimicked in the bathroom as freestanding vanities, cabinets, and armoires. Homeowners increasingly view this room as an area to relax and refresh, resulting in more unique, personalized concepts. Designers are picking up ideas from exclusive hotels and travel destinations and incorporating these into their layouts.


Why is lighting so important?
Most women cite adequate, natural lighting as an integral part of any well-designed bathroom. Contractors have taken note and are starting to build more homes with larger windows and skylights in the bathroom, and enlarging windows in remodeling projects. Large vanity bulbs are giving way to more subtle, decorative sconces adjoining the mirror. Even showers have traded in their curtains for large glass doors to allow in more light. Jason takes this idea to another level by offering baths with LED chromatherapy lights that change color to accommodate your mood and energy level.


Where are the gadgets?
Electronics are no longer relegated to the living room or office, but have become fully incorporated into the bathroom as well. Specially designed mirrors change to TV screens at the touch of a button, allowing you to watch the news while you get ready for the day. Refrigerators are installed beside the bath to provide immediate access to your favorite refreshment. Even the bath itself can become a multimedia experience with Jason’s Sound Immersion System that places speakers in the bath shell.

How can I stay warm?
Anyone who has ever had a cold shower or walked on frigid ceramic tile knows how important heat is in the bathroom. The newest trend in flooring is to install an electric heating system under the tiles and even up through the wall to provide constant warmth all around the body. Sculptural radiators are becoming more popular for heating a large area, and double as a decorative piece of art. Even fireplaces are being factored into bathroom design as a means of warmth and to add a sense of coziness and tranquility to the room. Jason baths fit into this trend by featuring heating systems that keep the water warm, no matter how long you want to bathe.

When is the best time to go green?
light Now! And the bathroom is a prime place to start. The newest designs in flooring feature products found in nature, such as bamboo and cork, both renewable resources. Using paint instead of wallpaper is a great way to prevent mold from building up in the walls. Low flow toilets and aerators on faucets help preserve water usage and energy. Natural sources such as grass, seaweed, seashells, and ground stones can be laminated and turned into countertops.


Is that it?
Absolutely not! The best part of design is in the details, and the newest trends feature these in abundance. There is an almost universal push toward materials such as brushed nickel and satin for faucets, as well as oil-rubbed bronze for an old-world look. Slate and natural stone floors have gained in popularity while granite and marble countertops prevail. Darker, richer woods such as cherry and maple can be seen in cabinets and armoires and are featured in the very popular framed mirrors. Swarovski crystals are no longer confined to chandeliers, but can be found in everything from knobs and handles to accents in wall tiles.

Vessel sinks are becoming the standard for vanities as they allow the sink to become sculptural with infinite decorative possibilities. The greatest push is toward the transformation of the bathroom to a home spa, and the bath is the central component of this design. Jason baths are equipped to offer a variety of hydrotherapy choices, giving you that spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

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