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Why Specify Jason

Jason® Hydrotherapy holds a unique and enviable place in the Hydrotherapy industry. Our founder, Remo Jacuzzi, is a 1st generation descendant of the family that invented the industry. His 50+ years of industry experience, both at Jason and in the original family business, combined with our impeccable reputation for innovative engineering, exceptional quality and customer service, cement our position as the industry leader.

We are dedicated to the Science of Hydrotherapy and passionately believe in the benefits it provides. We constantly research and refine in order to offer a superior bathing experience.
  • The name Jason is a contraction of the words JAcuzzi and SON.
  • Jason Hydrotherapy was started in 1982, over a quarter century ago by Remo Jacuzzi to carry-on and build upon the legacy of his family who invented the first whirlpool bath in the 1950s.
  • Remo began working in the family business while still in college and eventually rose to the position of President of Jacuzzi Brothers, Inc.
  • In 1979, the Jacuzzi family sold the business (and the name) to a large corporate conglomerate.
  • Remo remained with the company as President of Jacuzzi Brothers until 1982, when he chose to leave and form his own company.
  • 1983 Perfect Pressure/Perfect Flow™ Jets
  • 1984 Ergospatial™ Design
  • 1988 Patented Double Cascade Spout®
  • 1992 Quiet Design Engineering
      Patented Level-Form™ Base
  • 1995 First Jetted Neck Pillow in the industry
      First LED Chromatherapy system in USA
  • 1996 Sani-Design™ Technology for whirlpools
  • 1999 First Airbath produced in the USA
      Sani-Design Technology for AirMasseur®
  • 2001 First Combination Air-Whirlpool produced in USA
  • 2004 First V-Drain™ jet system in USA
      First Automatic Ozone Sanitation system for baths
  • 2006 First Sound Immersion Speaker system in USA
      First Clear Acrylic bath in USA
  • 2007 First Solid Surface bath in USA
      Celebrated 25th Anniversary!
  • 2011 Jason Hydrotherapy introduces Microsilk® Hydrotherapy.
Jason Hydrotherapy baths are designed and built to the highest industry and quality standards. We manufacture and provide products that comply with: International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) and Canadian Edison Testing Laboratories (cETL). 

Our high quality, advanced technology and cutting edge design help to make Jason an exceptional value. Superior customer service and service after the sale sets us apart.
  • Ergospatial™ Design places your body in its optimal resting position. Our lumbar support and a slanted backrest are designed to position the bather for maximum hydrotherapy benefit.
  • Optimum jet placement. Air and water jets are placed in anatomically strategic locations for optimal hydro-massage effectiveness.
  • Full submergence. Jason’s spacious bathing wells are the right depth for your body to enjoy maximum surface contact with the water. In addition, this aspect maintains the ease with which you can enter and exit the bath.
Jason’s broad range of shapes, sizes, colors, features and options means that you can find the ideal bath for any space.
  • Whirlpool Baths
  • AirMasseur® Baths
  • Combination Air-Whirlpool Baths
  • Soaking Baths
  • 1 and 2 Person Baths
  • Oversized Spa Baths
  • Alcove Installation Baths
  • Free-standing Baths
  • Undermountable Baths
  • 5’ Baths
  • 5.5’ Baths
  • 6’ Baths
  • Oval Baths
  • Rectangle Baths
  • Round Baths
  • Corner Baths

Jason understands the importance of distinguished design. We work with designers, architects, developers and owners to facilitate solutions to design challenges. If volume permits, we will customize a current model or develop a unique design to meet a project’s specific needs.

Choose your:
  • Bath controls
  • Bath features and options
  • Placement of pumps and blowers
Each of Jason’s collections communicates a distinct personality, allowing you to choose a bath to perfectly match your project’s look and feel.
  • Designer Collection: Traditionally styled, classically elegant, state-of-the-art baths.
  • Integrity® Collection: Our builder series featuring Jason quality at an exceptional value.
Jason baths have won numerous awards for excellence in bath design.

Jason Hydrotherapy received a SHARP award for recognition of our dedication to safety management.

Jason provides contractors with a product that is simple to install, easy to maintain and perfect for commercial applications. Listed below are a host of installation aids.
  • Level-Form™ Base. This proprietary component eliminates costly grout. There is no need for mud or foam, simply adhere it to a level surface. Saves time and labor costs.
  • Tile Flange Kits or Integral Tile Flanges. To help ensure a water-tight installation, on rectangle and corner baths.
  • Lateral Skirts. For a cost-effective appearance, Jason’s acrylic skirts with easy access panels are available on most rectangle and corner baths.
  • Templates. All oval baths are shipped with a full scale template at no cost to aid in bath installation.
  • Remote Mounting. All AirMasseur® blowers and controls can be remote-mounted.
  • Optional Pump Location. Available on center-drain whirlpool baths.

Jason manufactures the quietest baths available on the market. Period. The technological advances found in our Quiet Design™ engineering (silent air controls, quieter jets and our thoughtfully engineered plumbing systems) work together to reduce and dissipate sound, ensuring a peaceful bathing experience.

Whirlpool Pump
  • Highest quality pump with induction motor for quiet operation.
  • Run dry seal for longer life.
  • Separate pump mount reduces noise and vibration
Heated Air Blower
  • Exceptionally quiet.
  • Air heater included to help maintain water temperature.
  • Automatic, 2-minute purge cycle dries the air channel 15 minutes after blower is turned off.
Level-Form™ Base 
  • Patented to provide rigid support and heat insulation.
  • Essential to sound and vibration dampening.
  • Eliminates costly grout work during installation. No need to mud or foam in so you save time and labor.

Jason baths are engineered with Sani-Design™ Technology. This innovative system incorporates a full spectrum of components to ensure the utmost in cleanliness, including Anti Microbial hoses and hydrophobic Air Channels. 
  • V-Drain Plumbing System. By arching the whirlpool plumbing, the V-Drain jets facilitate maximum water drainage from jets and plumbing after use.
  • Automatic Ozone Sanitation System. This maintenance-free ozone antimicrobial system is available on all Whirlpool, AirMasseur®, and Air-Whirlpool baths. It works automatically with the hydrotherapy systems to destroy germs. A MUST FOR HOSPITALITY PROJECTS!
  • Positive Drain Air Channels and Auto Purge Systems. Designed to maintain a downward drain angle, this system ensures maximum water drainage after use, then after the AirMasseur® is drained, it automatically purges moisture and completely dries the channel system.

Optional Equipment and Configurations
  • Specialty pumps (for adverse conditions)
  • 120V Configurations
  • 220V Configurations
  • Air Switch Controls
  • Drain and overflow kits
  • Chromatherapy Lighting
  • In-line heaters
  • Sound Immersion Systems - Immerse yourself in our “industry first” Sound Immersion System. Allow your bath shell to become your speaker and you will literally be IN the music.
  • Jason’s floating, digital universal remote is easily programmed to control your home media and lighting systems
  • Sinks
  • Shower Bases
  • Faucetry
  • Matching or Metal Trim Kits
  • Automatic Ozone System
  • Jetted Neck Pillows
  • Acrylic Skirts

View our list of Featured Commercial Projects.
QUIET DESIGN Enjoy a peaceful bathing experience. MicroSilk® for Your Skin Learn more about how MicroSilk® nourishes and hydrates skin. SOUND IMMERSION Surround yourself in music as the bath shell becomes a speaker.
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