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AcrylicEasy-clean surface of the bathtub.
ADEXADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence and is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product design of furniture, fixtures, and finishes marketed to the design trade.
Air BlowerQuick-disconnect blower for remote installation and easy service.
AirMasseur®Generates millions of warm air bubbles that enter the bath through strategically spaced holes in the bottom radius of the bath.
AirWhirlpoolComplete bathing experience that offers both AirMasseur® and Whirlpool hydrotherapy.
Automatic Ozone SystemSanitation system that destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi, and is maintenance-free.
Back StackRecessed jets that provide maximum comfort and deliver focused therapy to your back.
ChromatherapyDigitally controlled lighting system that allows you to choose an individual hue or enjoy a soothing cycle of color changes.
DesignerOur flagship collection of classically elegant, state-of-the-art baths.
Directional JetFully adjustable jets for your personal comfort.
ErgonomicDesign intended to reduce fatigue and discomfort.
Ergospatial™Design that cradles the body in its optimally relaxed position.
ETLElectrical Testing Laboratories
Flow Adjustable JetHydrotherapy jets that supply a robust, yet gentle flow of water to specific parts of the body.
forma®Bold, minimalist designs that merge contemporary with comfortable.
GuardingThe act of muscles tensing up to protect your body from harm, pain and stress.
Home SpaBath collection designed to be the centerpiece of your health and wellness space.
HydrotherapyThe use of water to promote relaxation, circulation, and tissue rejuvenation.
IAPMOThe International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.
In-line Bath HeaterMaintains water temperature.
Integrity®Our builder series featuring Jason quality at an exceptional value.
Jetted Neck PillowPillow that provides cushioned support while two pulsating jets massage your neck.
Level-Form™ BaseThick, high-density foam platform that absorbs vibration and sound while providing support and insulation across the floor of the bath.
Loose-PackRelaxed state of joints and muscles.
Lumbar SupportBath design that incorporates a slanted back rest to provide maximum comfort to the back while minimizing pressure.
MicroSilk®MicroSilk® is a product created with oxygen-rich microbubbles and is an innovative new form of hydrotherapy.
PumpHighest quality pump with induction motor for quieter operation.
Purge CycleDrying system that starts automatically, 20 minutes after you've drained your bath, and eliminates moisture in the air channel.
Quiet Design™Level-Form™ base, silent air controls, quieter whirlpool jets, and plumbing that ensure a peaceful bathing experience.
Remote MountDigital control keypad mounted away from the bath deck.
Sani Design®Hygienic design that includes the Automatic Ozone Sanitation System, V-Drain Plumbing, Anti Microbial & Hydrophobic Air Channels, Positive Drain Air Channels, and an Automatic Air Channel Drying System.
Shower BaseAvailable in a wide selection of shapes and sizes, the shower base serves as the floor of the shower and houses the drain.
SoakingSubmerging in warm water, resting in an optimally relaxed position.
Sound ImmersionSystem that transforms the bath shell into a speaker.
Standard EditionJason's Standard Edition baths feature the best in luxury bathing for the leisure bath industry.
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SOUND IMMERSION Surround yourself in music as the bath shell becomes a speaker. MicroSilk® for Your Skin Learn more about how MicroSilk® nourishes and hydrates skin. Pure Comfort Experience a bath that is created to fit your body.
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